My Moment Of Clarity

After winning the 1994 ECAC Mens Soccer Championship, my soccer team at Vassar College had a huge party to celebrate the incredible victory. I returned home to my dorm at 230am feeling extremely happy and very hungry. As a cereal lover my entire life, I knew exactly what to do in this tricky situation. I grabbed the giant bowl, a box of Frosted Flakes, the carton of low-fat milk, a spoon and sprinted to the couch hoping to catch ESPN Sports Center. I dumped a generous portion of Flakes into the bowl and delicately poured the milk over the top to create the perfect harmony of cereal and milk.  I sunk myself deep into the couch, grabbed the remote, rested the bowl of cereal on my chest and proceeded to shovel it into my mouth at a pace any competitive eater would be jealous of.  It took years of practice during my youth, but I had established a successful system for devouring my cereal.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep right in the middle of this blissful moment.  When I woke up I immediately returned to my bowl of cereal like any experienced cereal consumer would do. My cereal was a mushy mess of flimsy flakes. I HATE soggy cereal! I was shocked, confused, frustrated and furious. How could I recover from this unfortunate scenario?  A fuzzy dim light went off in my head and the EZ Crunch Bowl was born.

Take a look at the evolution of the EZ Crunchbowl. From my first sketch to the final product.

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